The Pokemedley (A Pokémon Mashup)

An attempt to summarize the music from all the mainline Pokémon games! With a lot of instruments. Did I include your favorites?

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– Bought/borrowed instruments from Geoff at
– Arrangements, performances, costumes, editing, mixing and mastering by FreddeGredde
– Original Pokémon compositions and designs are owned by The Pokémon Company/Nintendo

Song list spoiler:
0:00 Victory Road (Gen 1)
0:17 Opening Theme (Gen 1-7)
0:27 Route 11-15 (Gen 1)
0:41 Route 26-27 (Gen 2)
0:55 Pokémon Center (Gen 1-7)
1:00 Route 15 (Gen 6)
1:12 Pallet Town (Gen 1)
1:23 Goldenrod City (Gen 2)
1:31 Lavaridge Town (Gen 3)
1:39 Route 201 (Gen 4)
1:46 Skyarrow Bridge (Gen 5)
1:54 Friends Theme (Gen 6)
2:09 Apparel Shop (gen 7)
2:17 Lavender Town (Gen 1-2)
2:25 Route 113 (Gen 3)
2:47 Welcome to the Alola Region (Gen 7)
2:58 Ghetsis Theme (Gen 5)
3:10 Team Rocket Battle (Gen 2)
3:18 Wild Pokémon Battle (Gen 3)
3:23 Gym Battle (Gen 1)
3:33 Kanto Gym Battle (Gen 2)
3:38 Zinnia Battle (Gen 6)
3:43 Guzma Battle (Gen 7)
3:48 Ultra Necrozma Battle (Gen 7)
3:55 Plasma Battle (Gen 5)
4:05 Route 216 (Gen 4)
4:15 Underwater Dive (Gen 3)
4:25 Professor Sycamore (gen 6)
4:41 Jubilife City (gen 4)
4:54 Verdanturf Town (Gen 3)
5:05 Route 10 (gen 5)
5:16 Bicycle Theme (gen 6)
5:27 Wild Kanto Pokémon (Gen 2)
5:31 Rival Battle (Gen 5)
5:42 Wild Encounter (GO)
5:53 Trainer Battle (Gen 1)
6:07 Regis Battle (Gen 3)
6:14 Evolution (Gen 1-7)
6:21 Rival Victory (Gen 1-7)
6:26 Victory (Gen 1-7)
6:32 Come Along (Gen 1-5)
6:46 National Park (Gen 2)
6:55 Unwavering Emotions (Gen 5)
7:14 Route 209 (Gen 4)
7:24 Route 1 (Gen 1)
7:32 Elite Battle (Gen 3)
7:42 Opening Theme pt2 (Gen 1-7)
7:59 Champion Battle (Gen 7)
8:11 Azalea Town (Gen 2)


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36 thoughts on “The Pokemedley (A Pokémon Mashup)”

  1. This is amazing! Will you be putting your medley albums on bandcamp as well? Or are there issues with copyright stuff?

  2. When FreddeGredde goes for a music interview

    Boss: so… what instrument do you play?

    Freddegredde: I PLAY ALL OF THEM

  3. How many instruments can you play?
    FreddeGedde: yes
    How many characters you wanna cosplay?
    FreddeGedde: yes
    How much you wanna make people cry?
    FreddeGedde: YES

    This medley made me feel so many emotions thank you 😭❤️

  4. I'm imagining all the Pokemon he dressed up as playing the instruments that he played. Just think of a Gengar playing the accordion.

  5. Man, so much nostalgia…
    This reminds me so much to when I was little and played Pokémon thinking that the world was endless, that I’d always find something new to explore, that there would always be a new adventure for me and my Pokémon, that my adventures with my Pokémon in my Pokémon diamond game wont Ever end…

  6. This is why we are Pokémon fans the moment we share with our Pokémon and each other and the bonds we make, the times we about to lose but we pull through and come out even stronger. The fond memories that make us hope for a better future, Even if you don’t like the direction Pokémon is heading, you have to agree that Pokémon will always be good in our hearts and minds.

    “You said you have a dream… That dream… Make it come true! Wonderful dreams and ideals give you the power to change the world! If anyone can, it's you!” -N


  7. 3:23 sounds like the let’s go p/e
    btw i love how you did the violin on Zinnia’s theme because in the original it was not very clear and hard to hear the violin


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