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Our announcement is at the end of the vid, make sure you stick around to watch. We’re all pretty bummed tonight and we understand that you guys will be too.

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48 thoughts on “The Xbox Series X's Name is Actually Just Xbox (plus an IG Announcement) – Inside Gaming Daily”

  1. I bet this console is going to be called the Xbox 720 instead of the Xbox like what everyone thought the Xbox one was going to be called

  2. Me (2015) – Ah "Ahe Know". I love this show. It feels a bit like the old Machinima show Inside Gaming with got Adam Kovic popular on youtube.

    Me (2016) – What? The founding member Meg Turney has been fired? That's some bs but at least there is still Ashley Jenkins.

    Me (2019, almost exactly a year ago) – Where the hell is Ashley?!?! I almost never see her on this anymore! I may unsubscribe, I'm losing interest.

    Me (2019 a month later) – HOLY SH*T!!!! Inside Gaming is BACK!!! Adam Kovic is here! Bruce Green is here! Even Lawrence is here! BEST DAY EVAR! They're even doing their old hump day and Friday (YEEEUUUUUUUS with M/ Bison) again!

    Me (2019, 2 months more after that) – The hell has Adam gone?!?! He never does these anymore. LAME. At least I still have Bruce and Lawrence. Not as good but still pretty decent.

    Me (2019 almost 2020) – WHAT!?!?! Bruce is leaving! Good god Lawrence, you better not be going anywhere.

    Me (today) – Fuck this sh*t…..

  3. Awhh, Lawrence and New-Lawrnece aka Autumn looking like the cool kid in a douchey prep-school. I miss that look, button-down shirts with the collar under a nice pull-over sweater.

  4. What's so hard about calling it Xbox 3 or give it a whole new name if it's a reboot. I get brand recognition but there are better ways. Microsoft can be so up its own ass sometimes.

  5. Xbox series X represents a new console way. So X in Roman numerals, stands for 10 so this is the Xbox Series 10

    Boy that’s a hard one to digest

  6. I don’t give a hell abt the name; I know the difference, u reading this post knows the difference. Just give me the most current, most powerful XBox and I’m good.

  7. TF is the whole normal crew?! No one wants these new snot nosed nerds. If they’re seriously all leaving/quitting, then I’m out too.

  8. I think I've cracked the naming thing… just call it "Xbox series 2" … u know… after Xbox 1…. n then each new series of xboxs' that come thereafter just get the next number…. Christ y does it need to be more difficult than that? :'(
    …And they better let us play "I am christ" on this thing….

  9. Well, i for one understand that you leave and want to try other things. I will miss you of course, but i also want you to be happy in life! I wish you all the best with everything!

  10. Its so sad and funny at the same time how hard they try to mimick IGN 🤣 Even the hating on Microsoft is on point.

  11. Super proud of this channel. Loved it since rooster teeth took it over. Lawrence, thank you. Autumn, you’re doing amazing.


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