Toonami Lockdown Game pt 2

This the first half of the second level of the Toonami Lockdown game (all copyrights to cartoon network and Toonami. I do not own any part of this at all. I just played the game they made back in 2000 (i think)). Level 2 is about being in the vents or something and I have to activate some pump to drain a vent so i can pass through. Pick up as many as those extra robots as you can. they help. more firepower, damage is spread out, and if they die you can always get another one somewhere in the level. pretty straight forward grab some items fight random battles figure stuff out and accomplish mission. If anything i love fighting some of the enemies they looks so funny. I should try out some of the other weapons but you really don’t need them. the laser gun for some reason does really well and explosive spamming always helps.


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4 thoughts on “Toonami Lockdown Game pt 2”

  1. This game was so complicated back in the day simply because there was so much going on. Makes me wonder how I even finished using nothing but trial and error when I couldn’t even understand the text of the game properly as a kid. (English was not my first language then; it may as well be now, though)


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