Toonami Lockdown Game pt 3

The rest of Level 2. beating down enemy robots is so easy. well then again i am fighting as cheaply as possible. oh well. That last fight i got torn up and i lost two other robots that were fighting with me. it is s’ok one more thing to die in this game you have to lose all of you armor and integrity. survival is dependent solely on the way you fight. if you defend you can’t attack or charge weapon for attack so if you choose a weapon that takes forever to charge be smart in how you do it. attack speed is very important. of course the legal stuff: all copyrights to cartoon network and Toonami. I do not own any part of this at all. I just played the game they made back in 2000 (i think).


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2 thoughts on “Toonami Lockdown Game pt 3”

  1. Man, that last battle had me worried quite a bit.

    Shame that those two robotes ended up dying…
    I cannot help but think that the ending depends on how many robots are left alive at the end…

    Oh well, you did a great job all the same!


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