Toonami Lockdown Game pt 6

Toonami Lockdown game Level 4. this is part 1 of level 4. the last level. this level is kind of tricky. there is a lot of back and forth. Also there is a second area you have to go to. One more thing the enemies pop up a bit more than usual. The fun thing about this level is the you get the most powerful weapons in the game: the ultra-gun (useless takes forever to charge but the damage is insane) and plasma grenades (massively overpowered and I mean massively wait until i fight the final boss). Most of this is me just going back and forth and collecting items for later while defeating enemies. all copyrights to cartoon network and Toonami. I do not own any part of this at all. I just played the game they made back in 2000 (i think).


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