Trollhunters VS 3Below Ep 9 Crossover Comparison

Pretty sneaky for them to do episode 9 of 3Below and Trollhunters episode 9 as the collab episode. The crossover between Trollhunters and 3Below has changed the timeline and events in the Trollhunters episode named “In Good Hands” Can you spot them all?

I waisted… I mean enjoyed four hours of my time making this video.

Trollhunters VS 3Below Ep 12 Finale Caparison

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32 thoughts on “Trollhunters VS 3Below Ep 9 Crossover Comparison”

  1. Because ALL you wouldn't shut up about the mistakes in the original video, I decided to redo the entire thing.

    Don't forget to join my personal Tales of Arcadia discord

    And if you want to get a friend to join too… I mean I won't stop you or anything.

  2. I immediately knew they had something to do with 3Below(most people probably did)
    Now I'm waiting to see if Douxie will have something to do with Wizards(though it's obvious that he does) 🤩🤩🔥🔥

  3. I love how some parts are almost identical while others are a bit different as though the way the trollhunters remember it slightly differs from Aja and Krel.
    (In universe reasoning)

  4. Inconsistencies really bother me so this video is basically trolling me.

    Glad to see the comparison between the two shows, but still…

  5. Quite interesting of seeing the same episode but from the different perspectives of the characters of their respective shows!

  6. If y’all wondering why Jim’s voice changed in 3below, it’s because the original person to voiced Jim in trollhunters died in a car accident so they had to replace him.


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