World Of Warcraft Quest Info: The Warden's Game

Side: Alliance
Start: Stone Slab

You see the statue split into two, then four, then eight identical statues in a square formation.
You hear a voice, not through your ears, but in the back of your mind:
A true warden does not face OUTWARD, searching for signs of danger.
A true warden keeps his gaze INWARD, always focused on protecting his quarry.
Perhaps this is a riddle of some sort?

Complete the Warden’s Game by teleporting the Warden’s Pawns into inward-facing positions.

9,390 experience

/*** All other languages ***/
DE: Das Spiel des Wächters
ES: El juego del celador
FR: Le jeu du Gardien
IT: L’Enigma del Custode
PT: O jogo do guardião
RU: Игра стражей
KR: 감독관의 게임
CN: 戒卫的游戏


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