Yellow Puzzle Game Full Gameplay Walkthrough (All Levels).

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1: Click the button eight times
2: Drag the upper part down
3: Erase the 3
4: Click and drag the parts to the 4
5: Turn the triangles to fill the black ones
6: Click all the stripes when the button is yellow (be fast)
7: Turn the valve clockwise a lot of times
8: Click and drag the rope to raise the box
9: Click and hold the button to fill the screen, don’t forget to release sometimes, repeat
10: Click “yellow” in order
11: Click in the flashing squares as they appear
12: Raise the ball and drop it, repeat
13: Mount the Tri-Force symbol and put the last triangle in the middle
14: Press the yellow button for about 5 seconds, release, the other button will become yellow, click all the stripes, just like level 6 (be fast)
15: Begin in any place, but follow this
1 arrow = 1 movement to it’s direc tion
2 arrows = 2 movements to it’s direction
3 arrows = 3 movements to it’s direction
16: Raise the first and the second keys to make the screen yellow
17: Just look the eye, don’t move the mouse
18: Turn the land clockwise to make the sun rise
19: Raise the first and the third keys to adjust the triangles
20: Click in any triangle and click on the one that lights on, repeat
#21: Turn the upper right to right, turn the upper left to right, turn the bottom right to up, turn the upper left to up
22: Click on the squares to make their neighboors yellow, my recomendation is to make the side ones yellow first (or just click randomly until everything is yellow)
23: The vertical parts are boxes, drop them in the black squares
24: The most upper and bottom squares controls the movement of the yellow one, click on them to move the yellow square and fill the black ones;
25: YELL OW (pretty hard, indeed)

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